A pension plan provides you an extremely tax-efficient way to safe for your future. Whether you are an individual or an employer, let us help you create the best pension plan based on your needs. Based on your custom made plan we will help you find the best pension provider and explain all about the benefits, conditions and costs. Pensions made as simple as possible!

You know your current monthly income and you know your monthly expenses. Think about the money you spend on your rent or your mortgage, groceries, utility bills, phone and internet, your car, your children’s school, vacation, medical expenses and so on.

Many of these expenses will still be there when you reach the retirement age. But unfortunately, your monthly salary will no longer be paid.

So where do the funds come from to cover your expenses and enable you to continue the life you live now? Have you ever thought about that? If not, please take some time and give it a good thought. It is important. And it is your responsibility as an employer, individual, as a mother or a father. For you and the ones you love most.

In a nutshell this is what pensions are all about. It is nothing more than saving for the moment when your regular income is no longer available.

Let us help you map your financial future.

Group pension plan

Approximately 50% of all the working people on Curaçao participate in a pension plan offered by their employer. Such a plan is designed to build up additional pension funds on top of the state pension (AOV). The questions if this is enough for each individual is based on their personal situation.

We offer our expertise to evaluate existing group pension plans or design new plans from scratch. Based on your needs and based on your budget. We can also re-negotiate the insurance contracts with the insurance company who manages your existing group pension plan.

Individual pension plan

Individuals and business owners do not have an employer to offer them a group pension plan. But there are still ways to safe for your retirement. How? That really depends on your personal situation and ambition. So let’s start by discussing that and take it from there. We will guide you through the process and find the pension plan which suits you best.

Client experiences

Welcome Home Mariska and James

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Frank gefeliciteerd met je mooie nieuwe woning op Dushi Korsouw!

Dankbaar dat More Than My Mortgage jou hypotheek mocht begeleiden.

Laura and Martijn A brand New Construction Adventure, Congrats team MTMM

Congrats with your exceptional new to build home

Sandra congrats with your beautiful house Team More Than My Mortgage it was a great pleasure working with you

Sandra is now owner of a beautiful house in the Caribbean

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Evelien and Tjarda congrats with your beautiful home!

It was More Than My Mortgages pleasure to guide your Mortgage, congrats with your new home.

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Guenni Congrats with your Mortgage by Team “More Than My Mortgage”

Rachel and Derek congrats with your beautiful house in Curacao in two steps from our beautiful sea

Buying a house through video viewing, Proud to be part of this top team! 
Rachel and Derek Congrats

Eva it will be a blessing to stay at home now that you have an “AWESOME” new home.

It was More Than My Pleasure to guide you from Start to Home!

The Bigger the Dream, the More important the Team!

Marijke, Remco and little Jack you are a Blessed Dream Team together, Thank you for having ” More Than My Mortgage” guide your Mortgage.

We always keep that special little place where love for Curaçao glows inside of us!

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Success is helping others to succeed even MORE!

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Start 2020 in your “own house”. It’s never to early to buy your “own house”.

Danielle and Raymond wishing you lots of meaningful moments, a beautiful friendship and even more success in you home. Grateful I got a chance to guide your mortgage.

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try! Nataly Li-Martina director of Life B.V. congrats on your brand new psychologist office.

It was my great pleasure to guide you with your mortgage. I pray that God continues to Bless your hard work for many others on our Island and around the world.

Elsemieke “Wat een mooie dag” gefeliciteerd met je fantastische woning

Yessss je hebt je sleutel! Het was een groot genoegen jou hypotheek te mogen begeleiden!

Congrats New Home Under Construction!

It was a pleasure arranging your mortgage contract.
Wishing you both an awesome construction journey!

Congrats Alexandra and Lenno

Alexandra and Lenno, thanks for your confidence, It was a pleasure arranging your mortgage!

Pabien Paul!

Paul welcome to Coral Estate Curacao living!

Great teamwork:
Stefan (Coral Estate Sales)
Gregory (Orco bank)
Melissa/Mari Christine (Fungaloi/Samadar notarissen)
and Paul!

Pabien Demi en Eduard!

WHAT? Whaaaaat you own an own home? Shut the front door and RELAX, Demi and Eduard is was a big pleasure guiding your mortgage and purchase! Grateful!

Congrats Esther and Casper

May your walls know Joy, May every room hold laughter and Every window open great possibilities,

It was a great pleasure to arrange your mortgage Esther and Casper!

Congrats M&M!

Let the house adventure begin!

Family Bernal Congrats

It was a great pleasure working on your mortgage!

Cheers to your new home!

Cheers to your new home!

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